Jul 1, 2010


I love coffee! I swear.. but I'm not the type of gal who'll spend bucks (a hundred or even more) for just a cup of coffee. Yeah I can afford (at least) but I'm just being practical. I can have a cup of coffee out of my 5 peso coin. lol it wont make me a lesser person though.

We all have our points and views but still I somehow judge people who spends a lot just to have a cup of coffee in a cozy yet expensive stores or cafes.. for what??

I'm not discriminating but hey! only the rich have the guts to spend a lot (money) even for a single thing whatever coz it wont matter to them
---duh?! let them spend everything they have (it wont last anyway) and they'll know and understand its importance and consequences---

If its for a biz meeting blah blah then fine (understood) but most of the time, for all I know a lot of THEM are just PRETENDERS.. weh! Know what I mean right? (well sorry)

OK.I'm being judgmental I know coz i happen to categorize THEM as the social climbers and the elite. It's not difficult to level each. hahaha and my friend hated me for that coz she's one of "THEM" and she knows where I leveled her.. One time, she brought me a caramel and black coffee (STARBUCKS) for me to taste (I dunno what shes tryin to play and whatever it is I don't care nlang)... oh! it was yummy and I liked it but I never told her coz I'm frustrated...

May 14, 2010

yuan rafael

My Kuya is now a daddy.. her wife normally delivered a (7.2 p) baby boy last march 22, 2010. Healthy and cute. Thanks God!

The baby's name? Yuan (taken from my yaunnie and rubian the blessed parents).
Mom, Dad, me my sis, our youngest brother, everyone excited!
Dad is so happy to see his first grand son so was mom.

He's so cute.. I can't
get enough of him!. huhuhu
I missed him.. wanna hug, kiss and carry him.

Baby Yuan, see you soon.. mwah! mwah!

Aug 12, 2009


You're here with me
staring strangely
You're here with me

I missed you
I really do
But in your side I do not know
and thats what hurts and bothers me so.
I need to say that I didn't miss you
to pretend that I don't wanna see you
and that I did hear you when you say the words I Love You
God knows deep inside I wanted to say I Love You Too.
...Despite everything
I can't really hide my true feelings
Oh! its so irritating
Coz we both know that I'm just acting
and itis really embarassing.

Feb 6, 2009

LoVe MoNtH

Now I'm speechless over the edge
I'm just breathless
I never thought That I'd catch this
LOVE BUG again....
Hopeless head over heel in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit b this love bug again..

I woke up hearing that song on the radio.
I love it...keeps on playing in my head.
Last song syndrome.. o yeah.. LOVE BUG by Jonas Brothers.

Hmm.. reminds me that its LOVE MONTH again.
Time goes by so fast.
After the new year celebration, everyone's excited and thrilled
---where,how--- to celebrate Valentines Day with their love ones and so on.

I wish I could be as excited and thrilled as they were...
I wish I could be happy ... ever happy on that day...

Love MonTh?..nah. where's the love man?

Jan 30, 2009


OMG.!! can't stand the heat of the sun anymore! whoa!

it'd burn my burnt skin...
Well, anyways... gotta go somewhere else to unwind and relax..
Everything's fine and good as of the moment.

Jan 29, 2009

getting Over...---on the process of

Damn! It wasn't a joke...wish it was!

24 hours ago, I'm with my friend at her sis' cafe...
Happy and excited coz we can finally start our business.
Thanks to her sis () we were able to lend bucks from her without interest!
quite big actually.. LucKy!
everything was set and ready... twa's a dream come true! Finally.

We we're sitting on the bed near the counter.. busy talking.
Suddenly, a man with a gun on his hand has grabbed my bag, wallet so on...
I thought he was just pretending to be a robber coz he wasn't wearing anything to cover his face
then someone has shouted "UNSAY DILI PWEDE, HOLDUP NI!" twas his ally pointing his gun to my friend's sis. To my surprise, I've done nothing.. not a single word spoken. I , my friend and everyone was trembling and scared to the bones.. so, I dunno where in the world she has gotten the courage to run and call for help! but it was already late...

Money, important things and papers were taken away..
We were really hurt and depressed but what can we do?
No matter how hard we cry...we can never bring back the time. If only we knew...

dili na nako maremeber ang uban nahitabo...ang klaro lang jud ke naholdupmi.
and ambot wala ko kasabot.. natrauma ko..ikaw daw tutukan ug pusil..
nyways, Despite sa nahitabo, I'm still thankful na wala mi giunsa.. buhi pa jud mi. according to my parents and friends,, makita pa daw ang kwarta ug mga butang pero ang kinabuhi dili na.. pero maskin unsaon pa nmila kog convnce,, d jud nila mawala sa ako ang manghinayang ug maguol. basta..

Jan 15, 2009

CRAZY as it is

This LOVE thing??? grrrr... crazy.. really.. tested and proven.. dunno whatas gottn into me!!! can't stop fallng inlv w him!