Oct 14, 2007

a TriBuTE =)

(fRom uOne)

40 days had past, since the day our beloved friends past away..
We cried, became a loner, traumatized, were hurt, we were left,
I hope we finally moved on, because they will always be there,
To guide and protect us.. They never left totally, they just left visibly, but deep in our hearts, they will stay forever.

We love you CED and LEE..

PaRt 01 =)

DeGrEe HoLdEr!!!

OMG!!! Graduation njud ugma.. I really thank God for all the bleesings and graces he has givn. Dspite of the financial problems and dificulties hmmm.. here I am now.. can't wait to recieve my diploma.. Grabehh.. Gipaghirapan bya jud 2!! hahaha (kaila kag char!?)