Jul 30, 2008


Hayyy... kalingaw nalang jud... hinuon dili mi kumpleto pero ok lang lingaw man sad mig picture2 ehehehe... nag kaon2 and nag videoke.. da best jud ni si Tina bahh... sa uulitin!

Lee and ced's death anniv kay hapit na.. hmm kadali lang jud sa panahon oi... ms u both guys!

Jul 12, 2008


OHHhh yeah!! atlast!! I'm back again.. yeah! as if anyone cares?! haha nywayz, am just happy you know... Got lots lots and lots of updating and so on to do.. grrr. I need more, more and more time to do so.. I'm busy super----TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL".

pero char lang..

ahm, but for now,?---I gotta go to sleep. Nyt!