Jul 1, 2010


I love coffee! I swear.. but I'm not the type of gal who'll spend bucks (a hundred or even more) for just a cup of coffee. Yeah I can afford (at least) but I'm just being practical. I can have a cup of coffee out of my 5 peso coin. lol it wont make me a lesser person though.

We all have our points and views but still I somehow judge people who spends a lot just to have a cup of coffee in a cozy yet expensive stores or cafes.. for what??

I'm not discriminating but hey! only the rich have the guts to spend a lot (money) even for a single thing whatever coz it wont matter to them
---duh?! let them spend everything they have (it wont last anyway) and they'll know and understand its importance and consequences---

If its for a biz meeting blah blah then fine (understood) but most of the time, for all I know a lot of THEM are just PRETENDERS.. weh! Know what I mean right? (well sorry)

OK.I'm being judgmental I know coz i happen to categorize THEM as the social climbers and the elite. It's not difficult to level each. hahaha and my friend hated me for that coz she's one of "THEM" and she knows where I leveled her.. One time, she brought me a caramel and black coffee (STARBUCKS) for me to taste (I dunno what shes tryin to play and whatever it is I don't care nlang)... oh! it was yummy and I liked it but I never told her coz I'm frustrated...