Jul 20, 2007

Boy Pick-Up Lines =)

Close ba kayo ni San Pedro? Para ka kasing Anghel

Have you been in the war? Coz ur the bomb!
(TsK TsK TsK)
Did You came from HeLL? coz youre so hot!
MaY ari ka ba ng bapor? Kasi your smile launches a thousand ships.
My friend and I were arguing if whos bed is much
comfortable, can you go to my room to test that my
bed is much comfortable?
(AyYyy!! Di ka uubra sakin!)
I forgot my name, can I call you mine?
( Hay naku!! )
Can you take this arrow? I think cupid hit me this time.
(Dami mo na sigurong sugat no???)
Im the luckiest miner in the world, Coz ive got the most precious gem.
(Talaga lng ha!!!)


"It's never the tears that measures the pain... sometimes it's the smile we fake"

Dream =)

I've been dreaming of this guy for nights now, but never got the chance to see his face =( DonT know why? Got no idea of him. Isn't it wierd? or something? Coz I felt like I knew Him... Is he the man I've been waiting for? (NoW that's crazy!!..) hahaha can't help thingking of him...

Jul 19, 2007


"When you run so fast to get somewhere ... you miss the fun of getting there"
Life is not a race so take it slower, Hear the music before the song is over.


"You can LOVE two people at the same time.... but never at the same degree "

Jul 17, 2007

TiMeS SqUaRe (cHoW kiNg)

with my friends =)

Me: Hala kagwapo sa tigserve ug food uy!!! hehehe
Kim: Hala bitaw te no?
Novy: ila-ilahon nato?
Amcel: Cge2! Kaya man kaya nimo?
Cacai: Si Novy pa! baga baya nag nawong!
Novy: Watch me!
(Naga serve na ang guy ug food sa amo.)
Novy: (Nagpa kyut!) Kuya, Kuya! (nakita niya ang name plate) aw, JC diay.
Tanan: nangatawa =)
JC: Ngano man ms?
Novy: Unsa tinuod nimo nga name? nganong JC?
JC: Julius Caesar (naka smile)
Nove: Aw, abi nakog JESUS CHRIST!
(Ang mga babaeng pak-an! atik2!
ferti jud ka Novy!
Koronahan na jud taka!)

Jul 14, 2007

Ka CuTe SaD uYy! =)

Nakita Lang nako ni na video sa friendster .. Gitesti para sa akong friend
As in super cute! MaG eNjOy JuD mO'g TaN aW =)

http://view.break.com/317088 - Watch more free videos

Jul 13, 2007

TheSiS 2!!

Ive been working with my thesis II since june... and tomorrow is our defense! grrr! At this point, even though how i've tried to calm down am soooooo nervous,can't help it! Am still printing the pages.. (Ganahan mo? 560 pages?!) Well hope everythings gonna be fine tomorrow. I believe I do believe truly, i believe it! ( na Makapasa lagi ko! Unsa kaya ipangutana sa ako no? nahhh!!! basta!) GOD BLESS uS! I know He wont forsake us! FOR WITH HIM NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! aja!

(Hope lng jud nako nga ang APS (automated payment system) dili maguba or unsa..)

01 -- BLooPeRs =)

Im really into blog hopping.. this blog HIMANTAYON has given me ideas! Well tnx! more credits to you guyz! =) hehehe "Na enjoy man gud kog basa.." So, "Manghimantay pod ko... LOL" Just for laughs! no heart/hurt feelings!! =) "PaNgHiManTaY LnG pOd gUd mO sa aKO!"

_ _ _ _ _
during entrep class =)
T: Mao Ni Siya ang out foots sa inyong mga infoots.
_ _ _ _ _
at the mall (Gaisano Mall) =)
Girl: Ja uy! mao gihapon kng wala kay monitor, useless imong sestem unit!
_ _ _ _ _
at my sis' bhouse =)
Girl:Ano man _____ sasama ka sa amin dili?
(gRrRrr MaO Na!)
_ _ _ _ _
Internet Cafe =)

BoY: HaLaKa! Mapatay ko sa mga creps!
(dota adik!)
_ _ _ _ _
Student: Te, magpaload ko 20 lang ALLTX.
Tindera: isulat lang diri sa papel ang number.
(Student gisulat ang iyang # -09102235378)...
Tindera: Paminawa kung tama ba, SIRO-NINE-TIN-TO-TO
(Naload kaya 2??)

Jul 12, 2007

Last Night!

My board mates (Yvonne, Renel, Jery and Calvin) aNd I had our videoke sesion at the nearest videoke house in our place (GiMiK, wheels and more drive) . hehehe Our landlady doesn't even know it coz each of us had our own alibis. KARMA goes right away! After our singing get together, we've egreed not to go home together so that our land lady wont notice or have any doubts and questions . First batch to go home: Jerry and Calvin. while Yvone, Renel and I droped by at the nearest convenience store. On our way home, we've seen our classmates Cedrick and Andrew with his car, they've invited us to have a joyride for fun and since we're really bored and not that sleepy, we've decided not to go home instead (RENEL and I) ended up going to SEA WALL with the two leaving Yvonne alone.

I've told Andrew to drive at the speed of 120... and so he did! Oh my GOD! I was just goofing around! i didn't even mean saying it! Whoa!!!! suddenly a motor ahead us shifted on the lane we are about to cross! NaHHHHhHhHHhhHhaaaYyYyYy!!! I've heard shouts (outside?). I felt like my soul has left me for a while! OhHh mY GoSshhh!! Im So NerVouS aNd iTs KiLLinG mE! I tHouGht It's the end of EVERYTHING!!! GoOd ThiNg anDoY has fully tilted the sTeeRinG wHeeL!! aNd wE diDnT sTikE/buMp inTo aNythiNg =)

I ReALLy DonT kNoW whY CeD, ReNeL aNd aNdOy sTiLL manaGed tO LauGH! aFtEr tHe iNciDeNt.. cRazY! TheY'vE actEd LiKe nOthiNg haPpenEd aNd sO dO i...

tHaNk GOD Im sTiLL aLivE =)

Jul 10, 2007

BHoUsE PaRtY =)

(= =)

WoW! gRaBeHhh.. sUper BuSoG jUd K Sa Mga FooD Sa aMonG BH-aCquAinTanCe ParTy.. tPoS Na eNjOy Q Za mGa GaMeS nMo.. HuHuhu Ma mS jUd nQ aQ mGa KabOaRdmYts VaHh.. iNiG maGhaWa nQ.. MeMriES!!! BeCauSe oF tHaT SimpLe "SeLf PaiLa2.." IvE LeaRnd a LoT oF thNgS BouT sa iLa...

GuYzz TnXeu KaaU zA paG PaRTiciP8.. uNta Sa nXt ParTy na2, ComplEte naTa..

JeRrY (tHe CaNdLe) aNd ShyR, LaWrenCe (MuSiC LoVeR), VrEiNi (ThE bOoK),
LaUrEn (tHe bLinG2), YvOnNe (tHe CeLLoPhAnE), ViCtOriA (tHe CuP), NaNaY (tHe MuG), TaTaY (The oRgaNiZeR), PeArL (tHe BoX)..
THaNks FoR tHe FrnDsHiP!!! GoD bLeSs YaH oL!!

Jul 3, 2007

LOvE... LiFE.. =)

It HuRtS To SaY GooDbyE.. BuT wE haVe No cHoiCe..
I doN'T kNoW wHaT to do coz i do sTiLL LovE You.. I can'T GeT U OuT oF mY MiNd!! i WAnT YoU... I waNt tHiS ReLaTiOnsHp to LaSt!!! I caN't pReTenD anyMoRE!! YoU'D ProBaBLy ThiNk ThaT I'VeMoVeD oN Coz I LauGh So HaRd aNd CaN sTiLL tHRoW joKeS iNfRonT oF YoU.....bUt BeLieVe iT oR NoT DeEp iNsiDe iM DyiNg.. I won'T BeG YoU To sTaY cOz iFYoU ReaLy WanT To "GIBUHAT UNTA NIMO"YoU HaVe aLL The ChaNcEs "PERO WALA, GIPALAMPAS NIMO"!!!... SEe YaH't UrwEdDiNg!!!

8 saYs ThaT...To LoVe sOmEoNe is:To kNow TheiR WortH,To kNow TheiR WeaKneSsEs,BuT sTiLL aDmiRe TheIr sTrengThs,To LoVe s nOt aBouT LoOkS8s aBouT d BeAuTy iN a PeRsOnoNLy SeEn By sOmEoNe iNLoVe.
S 8 ReALly tRuE???
MoSt oF d GuyZWaNtS a GaL wHo HaSBiG BooBs, bootilicious BeaUTiFuL so on.HaHaHa (insecure?? nonono)its just that I'm stupid and numb!! sTuPiD mE ...
oF LoVinG SuM1 I kNOw wiLL nEvEr LoVe Me back (ThE wAy i WanTeD To Be LovEd!)...
NoW TeLL mE,iS heaLtHy To Be inLOVe???ULL GeT HuRT, ULL GeT DuMp!!! wiTh thoSe ShiT aSshoLeS!!HmmMMp!!!