Feb 28, 2008

BaBy'S BiRtHdAy... =)

ToDaY is bAby'S BirThDaY.. 1st BirThday (oh oh.. definitely not my BF) --ALLYSON FAITH--.. My cousin's daughter.. :) She's my first ever "KINUGOS" hehehe... So cute!! She's in Manila right now.. celebrating birthday with her mom who just came home last february 23-from japan. Ohh I miss her!! can't wait to see her again.. I LOVE YOU BABY!!!

Feb 27, 2008


I can't go to sleep and I don't want to... knowing that my friend (super close friend) GIOVANIE will leave - hours from now. Everything was unexpected.. really.

It was just last week when he decided to apply as a call center agent at surecruit which is linked to - as far as I know - one of the biggest company in the world, SITEL. This company provides fully integrated cutomer care and back office processng services that focus on delivering a return on customer investment to clients by reducing service costs, improving customer retention and increasing revenue per customer.

Yesterday early in the morning, he had a call from one the company's agent or something and told that he's got the job. Hundreds applied and he is so fortunate to be one of the chosen. They gave him only 3 days to settle everything needed to be settled. Of course he was happy, excited yet sad knowing that he's going to leave his friends and family here in davao and somewhat afraid to what might happen to him in MANILA. As his friends, we planned to have a party till he received another call at 4:30 in the afternoon, he's going to fly to Manila at 7:30 am today. He was shock! of course, he has no guts to back out! it was an opportunity.....

He's one of the close friends i have i my whole life. She can make my stomach hurt so bad because of laughing. Intelligent, witty and wise except that he's had problems with his eye sight. lol... absolutely GORGEOUS- according to him.

ohh well, 3 hours to go.. now, he's already preparing... we'll soon take him to the airport... HuHuHU oNe ThiNg is For sure, I will miss him... I just hope everythings going to be alright... God speed!


Feb 24, 2008

It's Sunday..

I just arrive from church (Chinese Baptist)-just steps away. I attended their evening service.I'm member of the (United Chuch of Christ in the Philippines)UCCP, definitely not a baptist. I just love going there since the day-i think July last year- when my land lady and land lord invited me to come with them. I also attend and join prayer meetings and bible studies when I'm here in Dvo. Well, there's really no difference when it comes to the teachings but... on the strategy and how they teach, give sermon so on. I like Pastor Tan's approach/attitude. but then, I also go to my church (UCCP) and attend sunday worship most of the time.

I've decided to post/put every sunday's sermon notes I have here...
  • Anything that God says"I own" is Holy.
  • BIBLE is a Holy book. God's book and is our guide for God's Glory.
  • The enemy of God's word are not those who do not believe but those who do not apply what they believe.
  • Pray first before planning instead of planning before praying so that you'll know/ we'll know if our plan Glorifies God.
  • Discovering the Glory of God is a humble discovery.


talking to was really fun... Dunno...why but i like you... i'll miss you for sure...

Feb 23, 2008


SATURDAY....What a day!!! as usual...

I've done nothing but sleep, sleep and sleep... gosh! I can really spend my whole day SLEEPING..I LOVE IT!! hahaha..yeah I know it's not healthy.. I just need it.. a complete bed rest after long and tiring weekdays. It's a way of recharging myself. haha I'm super lazy to get up and cook food or wash clothes during saturdays..when I have nothing soooo important to do or attend to.
I am not able to rest, sleep or even take a nap most of the time,that's why..
However if I can spend a whole day sleeping, I can stay awake for days also...(without sleeping)..

Feb 14, 2008

HaVe Pity =/

It pains me to see poor people around... deprived and starving to death while on the other side are rich bastards enjoying their lives, wasting their time and money... how abusive! Where's justice in there??

...Those street children asking for alms.. have we noticed them??

I was on my way home yesterday when on the other side of the raod nakita ko isang batang kalye namamalimos sa mga babeng nagtatawanan sa labas ng isang fastfood. I bet galing sila doon sa loob at katatapos lang kumain. I am curious on what their reaction would be so I decided to stop by and watched the scene. Mukha namang mayayaman at mababait kaya I wasn't expecting them to be rude. Well, to my surprise
"Ano ba! ang baho mo! asan ba mama mo? doon ka nga humingi ng pera! lalong dumudumi ang davao dahil sa inyo! kakainis.." "Kawawa naman, bigyan nalang natin ng piso", "Huwag! baka sindikato yan! wala kaming pera alis!"

Walang nagawa ang bata. Ayaw nila magbigay ehh kaya umalis nalang ito. Nakita kong naiiyak ito. I was really hurt! To beg is not a crime! And I'm ceratin na di niya gustong manlimos kung may ibang paraan nga lang. Sino ba gustong manlimos? I was really disappointed! They could have given him food or even talked in a nice way. I was gonna cry, pinigil ko lang baka isipin ng mga tao nag-away lang kami ng BF ko..lol.. kakahiya buti sana kung meron..lol.

STUPID BRATS! nakakainis talaga... hindi mawala ang pangyayaring iyon sa isip ko. Kaya eto ako nakaharap na naman sa computer nagttype.. recalling things..

February 08, 2008

First Fruits n Tithes =)

Talking to my friend Tina awhile ago made me realize and reflect many things. Tina is amazing really... one of a kind... I mean sobra... she knows alot of things -from tips to toe, business so on. Marami kaming napag-usapan, how to earn money, have a better carreer, good salary and so on until she mentioned the so called "First Fruit" principle. This gal has been earning dollars hahaha! literally.. she told me giving tithes and first fruits to the church is one of her secret in earning every dollar/bucks.
Napaisip naman ako.. :)

tama nman talaga...

Christians are aware of the practice of giving tithes to the church as an offering.

A tithe (from Old English teogo├ża "tenth") is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a (usually) voluntary contribution or as a tax or levy, usually to support a Jewish or Christian religious organization. (mentioned in the book of LEVITICUS, NUMBERS, DEUTERONOMY so on..)

but the principle "first fruit" is different. "Tithe literally means a tenth. First Fruits means to appropriately mark as a male. Which according to God's word the first male born of each womb belongs to the Lord. This is completely different from tithing."

They say, dapat ang unang sahod ay ibigay sa parents, pero much better if we'll offer it to the Lord as a sign of thanksgiving.. wholeheartedly -without any doubts- ... And God will bless you in hundred fold.
.. money, whether we agree or not is very important...very as in... na kung wala ito, mahihirapan tayong mabuhay. Sa hirap ng panahon ngayon? sino ba gaganahang magbigay ng offering?
ngayon napagtanto ko... totoo, when you offer to God a part or portion of everything you own/posses, you have nothing to worry about.

My parents give their tithes and pledges every sunday even during harvest so on... mahirap lang talaga kami, My 3 siblings were both in college pero nakakaraos parin. God has provided us..
I just don't know if my parents were practicing the so called "First Fruit" principle... basta ako, I'll make use of it...

"The first-fruits of the ground were offered unto God just as the first-born of man and animals."

Every individual, besides, was required to consecrate to God a portion of the first-fruits of the land (Ex. 22:29; 23:19; 34:26; Num. 15:20, 21).
Feb. 06,08


Marami akong gustong gawin
di ko nga lang alam kung anong uunahin
Marami akong nasimulan kaya't sa pagtapos ng mga ito ako'y nahihirapan
Marunong naman ako sa maraming bagay
kaya nga lang minsan sumasablay
Sa dami ng gusto ako..... tuloy ako'y nalilito.

Nais kong umawit ng kantang di nyo pa naririnig
...sumayaw ng walang tugtog
...sumulat pero walang maisip
Sumigaw ngunit walang lumalabas na tinig sa aking bibig!!!

Nahihirapan na akong magkunwari
...tumawa kahit nasasaktan
...kinakaya kahit nahihirapan
...umiyak ng walang dahilan
....magtimpi kahit punong-puno na!!!

Natatakot ako sa kung anong pwedeng mangyari ngayon at sa hinaharap
...mamatay nang walang nagagawa...
...mabuhay ng walang silbi..
Natatakot akong isipin ang mga bagay na hindi imposibleng mangyari...

Gusto kong mabuhay
malaya at masaya...
tumulong sa aking kapwa..
..magbigay ng pag-asa sa iba...

Wow! it's been two months.. lol... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I've had a great Christmas and New year Celebration... I'm not that super nah.. so I'll start posting na naman... Ahhhh So Nice to be here again...