Aug 16, 2007


HuHuHu now I'm emotonal again.. hahaha someone has had me feel so stupid! dunno y?! I pitty my self so much... do I need or have to cry?? for someone who'll never love me back!

Aug 11, 2007

YeAh RiGht!! =)

Great thing bout blog hopping is being updated with what's happening outside and inside the senate.. I don't have much time reading newspapers even watching news on tv... Dunno when did this happen.. I'ts reality..Kinda funny though.. thanks Jin!

"The problem with the Americans is that they are overpaid, oversexed, and over here."
-Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

The name.. (LOL) who else could've said those words??? That's why I Like her.. her words made sense actually. Well I felt sorry for those innocent or blameless Americans staying here ... is there anyone? haha
OVERSTAYING ON THEIR LAND...I just dont think they'll love it.. well fair enough.. they're giving us headaches, and we're just kind enough to share and be taken for granted. And we're too dumb enough to be exploited by them... So it would be nice if we'll let them experience and feel the same way... DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT THEY ARE DOING UNTO US! haha (Am I right? or am I right?)
Can we??! is it possible?!!
duh! whatever!

Aug 5, 2007

ToO Soon =)

Im so not into marrying at a very young age (21 below)<*wink> peace.. I mean, considering that I'm still a student. I still have many things to do rather than that! I wanna enjoy my life as a YOUTH.. Single.

Ohh.. Let me say it clearly.. I'm not into it but not against it. HaHaHa

Someone asked me, "WHAT IF HE'LL PROPOSE,WOULD YOU TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ?"... I hope he won't and if he did, I'll just pretend he didn't coz I do love HIM sooooo much to make him cry.(PaMaTi!) LOL Just to prevent heart/hurt feelings and regrets!. He'll definitely won't like the answer... (how stupid of me?) hell yeah! that's me...

Well, we all have our rights, opinions, comments so on... but still I stand on what I believe and think is right and best!!.

I really don't care if people might say I'm a pain the ASS! "STUPID! LAME!" .. Duh!! This is my life... MY PREROGATIVE so as yours.

Lets just take it slowly..